why-invest-bg3Barbados has an operational and regulatory framework that efficiently and effectively facilitates the needs of both local and foreign investors and fosters reputable business of substance in financial services, ICT, renewable energy, to name a few. Barbados continues to participate in the global discussion on automatic exchange of information and is committed to ensuring that its laws and practices are fully compliant with new international standards designed to combat tax evasion and money laundering.

Barbados’ reputation as having a well regulated and transparent regulatory environment with a long history of exchange of information is widely known. Its expanding and diverse network of Double Taxation Agreements containing up-to-date OECD established exchange of information provisions is in part responsible for the international business sector’s success as a small IFC.

Coupled with a robust regulatory framework , adherence to international standards of transparency and information exchange, Barbados’ low-tax regime has been used by the discerning international investor to properly structure investments.

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Barbados' Bilateral Investment Treaties provide opportunities for companies and individuals seeking comparative advantages in the global marketplace. These treaties encourage trade and investment activities, provide incentives for businesses and promote business contracts.

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